Origin: Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis methods, known as Gyrotonic Expansion System was developed by Juliu Horvath in the USA in a process spanning over 20 years. As a former gymnast, ballet dancer and swimmer, his physical abilities were greatly impaired by injuries and pains. He began to seek relief and improvement through Eastern healing methods like yoga, tai chi and acupuncture. His intensive studies, together with the training practices he developed - combined with the modern theory of movement - led to the creation of a new system.

Method: The Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis method is a holistic exercise concept, that sees the spine as the key part of the body. The movements are circular and fluid. The exercises are connected smoothly and harmoniously with corresponding use of breathing patterns. In doing so, strength, flexibility and coordination are developed simultaneously. Natural defences are used, vitality is increased and pain, tension and stress are reduced. Regular training optimizes posture, tightens connective tissue and shapes the body. Each series of exercises allows an individual increase of movements, intensity and speed. The method is suitable for people of all ages and lifestyles. It helps to increase the performance of athletes in all sports and serves as a new and comprehensive type of fitness or simply as a relaxation technique. The method is also applied worldwide in physiotherapy and rehabilitation for a variety of injuries as well as chronic and acute diseases, particularly degenerative diseases of the spine, hip pain, shoulder problems, muscular imbalances and arthritis. Even those suffering from migraines or burnout can experience profound relief using this training method. The new sense of balance gives the participant a positive, satisfied aura and new self-esteem.